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Apparatus for grain mixing BIS-1U

Apparatus BIS- 1U (the engine for grains) is designed for mixing the samples of grains and extraction from them the average and daily average testing samples, halving the average samples and extraction of sub-samples, weighing 25, 50 and 100 g.

The apparatus is used in laboratories of grain, grain-storing, bread-making, confectionary and dairy industries.

Apparatus BIS – 1U, or the engine for grains, is made as a metal cylinder, 250mm in diameter in which three parts are functionally distinguished:

  • The upper part has a funnel with about 4,5 kg capacity for grains, with a hole at the bottom of the cone which can be opened with the help of a stop valve and a handle (lever).
  • The second part is under the funnel, and consists of two separating and mixing units, positioned one above the other. Each of these units consists of a cone and funnel joined together. The grain, scattering around the cone surface, moves and upon reaching its bottom, through the hole gets into the funnel which is connected with the cone. From it, the grains spill out on the second separating and mixing unit and are mixed again. The funnel of the second unit has a take-off connection, through which half of the specimen for the bushel weight test is taken out from the separator.
  • The lower part of the apparatus is made as one more separating and mixing unit. It also includes a cone and a funnel, but with two output channels. Each channel is supplied with a sliding shutter for changing the hole size which is cut in the lower part of the funnel, enabling to control the amount of spilling out grains. For controlling the amount of spilling out sub-samples, there is a digital scale of the units’ separating sectors.


 Объем воронки (при удельном весе зерна 0,75 г/куб.см)
4,0 - 4,5
 Среднее время для смешивания зерна и выделения из него навесок, мин
0,5 - 1,0
 Габаритные размеры (диаметр х высота), мм
 250 х 1120 
 Масса, кг