Gluten deformation measuring device IDK-7

Quick Overview

   Измеритель деформации клейковины ИДК-7 пред-назначен для определения качества клейковины зерна пшеницы и пшеничной муки ГОСТ – 27830-88 / ГОСТ 13586.1-68 путем измерения ее упруго-эластичных свойств.

Description:  Gluten deformation measuring device IDK-7 is designed for determination of the quality of wheat grain gluten as well as wheat flour GOST – 27830-88 / GOST 13586.1-68 by changing its flexible and elastic characteristics. When impacting on the gluten sample for 30 sec., the device determines its ability to resist the compressive load deformation and shows the result in GSM (Gluten Strain Measurement) units with an accuracy of 0,5 standard unit of GSM.

Paramters IDK-7
Limits of gluten deformation measurement 0 – 150,7 standard units
Value of the deformable load 120 g
Permissible deviation of the deforming load value from -2 to +2 g
Exposure time of deformation load on a gluten sample 30 ± 1 s
Time of continuous operation of the device continuously
Measuring error of the value of gluten deformation ± 0,3 standard units
Calibrating number 150,7 ± 0,3 standard units
Overall dimensions 200 х 110 х 240 mm
Weight of the device not more than 1,7 kg
  • Automatic self-calibration of the device before operation;
  • Self-calibration of the device;
  • Character two-line LCD display;
  • Tips for the user;
  • Sleep mode;
  • Durable metal body frame;
  • Waterproof buttons, ip66 ISO degree of protection;
  • Possibility of additional installation of a temperature sensor for operation of the device in the specified temperature ranges.