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Grain destoner OMP

The grain destoner OMP, manufactured by OLIS Ltd., is applied for efficient separation of mineral impurities from grain flow in grain processing enterprises.

    The grain destoner OMP, manufactured by OLIS Ltd., is applied for efficient separation of mineral impurities from grain flow in grain processing enterprises.

   The grain destoner OMP operates in a following way: with the combined action of sorting surface vibration and the airflow, a grain layer is loosened up, reducing the  coefficient of internal friction and the grain mass goes into a state of  pseudo-fluidizing. In the presence of the aerating effects, the pseudo-fluidizing layer of  grain, which is almost noneffected to the transport impact of deck, flows fluidlike on the downgrade and is off-loaded to the lower, wider part of deck. The heavy mineral particles in the lower layer, which have the tightest bond to the textured separating surface, are transported upward against the deck and and removed through the upper narrowed part.

Model OMP-3,0 OMP-6,0
Production capacity (for wheat), t/hr 6,0 12,0
Grain cleaning efficiency from mineral admixtures, % 99 99
Installed capacity (without fan), kW 0,9 0,9
Air flow rate, m3/hr 2500 4500
Aerodynamic resistence, Pa 750 750
Weight, kg 255 340
Overall dimensions, mm:



1. Improved adjustment of the air;;
2. Specially designed deck with a high coefficient of friction;
3. Destoner is easy to adjust;
4. Improved efficiency of the machine;
5. Reduced airflow for aspiration is twice lower in comparison with analogues;
6.  Exceptional separation efficiency;
7. Separation of no less than 99% of mineral admixtures;
8. Workability of components of leading European manufacturers;
9. High tech efficiency;
10. Reliable design.

The grain destoner is a type of grain cleaning equipment which is designed for grain cleaning from mineral impurities (glass, stones, coarse sand and other heavy particles) out of the grain flow. The grain destoner by OLIS Company is efficiently applied in grain cleaning from hard-separable impurities. Due to the operating principle the grain destoner OMP belongs to vibro-pneumatic grain cleaning machines that apply upward flaw in interaction with oscillations of the sorting surface. The performance of the OMP grain destoner is efficient as the machine secures up to 99% separation of mineral impurities.

By purchasing a WMD stone picker produced by OLIS LLC, you receive high-quality and efficient equipment for preliminary grain cleaning.

High degree of OMP grain destoner’s cleaning allows decreasing deterioration of the equipment used in the production chain in future. The grain destoner is easy to set and has a reliable design. Due to the use of a special deck plate, twice as little air is spent, in comparison with analogues. The grain destoner OMP has 2 modifications with the grain cleaner’s performance tuning on levels of up to 6 t/h and 12 t/h.


By purchasing the grain destoner OMP manufactured by OLIS Ltd. you will get equipment of high quality and efficiency for preliminary cleaning of grains.