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Corn Processing

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Corn is the main export culture in Ukraine which is exported for further processing. Corn bruchid weevil includes many valuable food components: fiber (cover), protein (gluten), fat (germ) and carbohydrates (starch) which make the main part of grain (70%). Corn starch is applied in many industries. Therefore it isn't surprising that corn cultivated area increases every year. Many enterprises in the territory of Ukraine started considering the question of introducing own productions on corn processing as it is much more favorable to deliver corn processing products.

There are various corn processing technologies in the world's practice.

The technology that we offer provides germ separation as ready-made product with possibility of its further usage, at that we receive finished products in the form of cereal and glume with husking bran in the form of waste. This technology includes rather difficult, multidivisional processes of enrichment which are effectively realized only by means of the industrial equipment. Therefore creation of such technological schemes is expedient with enterprise productivity on grain from 30 t/day.

Process of corn processing provides grain purification from impurities. Then there is grain dehulling and preliminary crushing. After that there is a fractionation of crushing products on grain shaking machines RKO-4 and further degerminating of each fraction on vibropneumotables SPS. Degerminated grain comes for crushing to rolling machines. To receive corn grain No. 4 and No. 5 it is necessary to pass the grain through additional sieve purifier. To remove glume and husking bran at each stage of processing air separators ASO are used.

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