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Oats Processing

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It should be noted that oat and buckwheat processing into grain today is the most profitable grain productions from all produced grain. Effective processing of oat is deeply specialized and is realized by means of industrial equipment causing expedient productivity of specified productions at least from 30 t/day, for achievement the maximum exit and quality of finished products. Thus the exit of whole-grain oat as finished product is not less than 60%.

The technology of processing oat into grain is caused by feature of its bruchid weevil structure. Process of processing provides grain purification from impurities. To remove awns from oat which worsen quality of finished product, beard cutting machine MBO-1,5 is used. There also is calibration into two fractions in grain cleaning section: large and small. Peelings of oat takes place in centrifugal peeler of percussive type, trade mark PCO-1 or PO-0,5. Delinting machine, type MBO-1,5-0,1, is used to prevent the subsequent equipment from sticking with spines after dehulling. The following stage of processing is removing husk and husking bran in air separators ASO and selection of finished products in paddy separators MSO-1.

To increase exit of finished products it is possible to use hydrothermal processing before peeling with the use of steaming and drying. Steaming machine PPC-O and vertical steam-heated dryer VPDO are used for these processes. The use of steaming and drying processes requires considerable expenses of thermal energy. This production is provided with the steam received by means of oat shuck burning.

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