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Confectionery (Large-Seeded) Sunflower Seed Processing

Confectionery sunflower seeds are used to produce kernels, not oil, which determines their processing and consumer properties. The mass of 1000 grains of confectionery sunflower seeds exceeds 100 g, the kernel is large and adjoins the husk not as densely as that of the oilseed sunflower seeds, the husk content exceeds 40%, and the fat content is in the range of 30-35%. Most of the grown confectionery sunflower seeds are exported to the EU countries, where they are processed into kernels and used in preparation of salads, as well as included in the composition of bakery and culinary products.

In Ukraine, the confectionery-sunflower-seed area takes about 20% of all the sunflower-crop areas. The profitability of growing confectionery sunflower seeds is 25-30% higher than the profitability of growing oilseed sunflower seeds, which determines the interest in the cultivation. On the domestic market, kernels of the confectionery sunflower seeds (Fig. 1) are traditionally used roasted as snacks, as well as for the production of halva and kozinaks.

Sunflower kernels

Fig. 1. Sunflower kernels

Only large seed fractions are suitable for processing into kernels (tailings with a diameter of 7 mm). Small fractions of seeds are used for feeding the paultry, pets or for processing into oil.

The treatment process of sunflower seeds into kernels (Fig. 2) involves their thorough cleaning and calibration, hulling, sorting by size, aspiration for husk separation, as well as separation of hulled seeds and their control. The main problem in the processing of confectionery sunflower seeds is the use for these purposes of home-made production lines equipped with various adapted devices. As a rule, such lines require a long refinement, consisting in numerous alterations and additional equipment.

Confectionery sunflower processing scheme

Fig. 2. Confectionery sunflower seed processing lines

ПThe list of processing equipment manufactured by 'OLIS' Company allows creating industrial lines for processing confectionery sunflower seeds into kernels of the highest efficiency over a wide range of production capacity. Shaking machines RKO-4, centrifugal hullers ShCO, ASO aspirators, MSO 'Vector' paddy machines are the basis for efficient industrial processing of sunflower seeds into kernels and the key to your successful business.