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Grain cleaning complexes

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Under today’s farming conditions, the presence of modern grain-harvesting equipment is obligatory. However, on the other hand, not every head of enterprise believes it is necessary to have modern post-harvest grain-cleaning equipment. And it is frequent  that harvesting machines are standing idle on the fields due to the fact that the grain cleaning equipment has poor performance or existing grain cleaning complexes have a lack of proper automation, because of this equipment failure happens at the most inopportune moment.

We believe that this is a temporary phenomenon, and business leaders whose cultivated areas do not require elevators construction, pay attention to modern ZAVs, on ZAV-"NIVA" of new generation manufactured by our company.

Much has been said about what the principle in cleaning machines is most effective in the separators with horizontal sieves, in cylindrical vertical separators and separators with horizontal drums. After long-term analysis it was concluded that in the case of complexes of ZAV type, which uses a single grain cleaning machine and the task of which is to clean heavily polluted, wet or dry grain crops – it is most reasonable is to use drum separators LUCH ZSO. (for further details – look at the article from publications – sieve pneumatic separator). Grain aggregates ZAV-"NIVA"-25 and ZAV-"NIVA"-50B were designed exactly on the basis of the given separator. In the design building codes amendments occurred in 2010 were taken into account, according to snow and wind loads. Particular attention is paid to the electrical and automation parts, ease of maintenance and aesthetics.

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