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Grain Cleaning Equipment

Separationis one of the mostimportant operationsin cultivation, storage and processing of grain.Purification degree and classificationof seedgreatlyaffect the harvest.The degree of grain heapseparationafter harvestdetermines thestability of the qualityof grainin storage.Grain cleaningforflourand cerealplantsdeterminesthe quality ofthe finished product.Selecting the methodof separationdepends on thebasic attributes of particlecomponentsdifferencesthat need to bedivided. However, in anycase, anygrain has to be necessarily cleanedina sieve-air separatorsconsistedof thesieveandairseparators respectively.

During a long period our company is a manufacturer of model line of drum type sieve separators “LUCH ZSO”, capacity from 25 to 300 t / h, attended for the cleaning of grain from large, small and light impurities. These machines are operated by more than 150 enterprises of Ukraine and CIS countries.

Differences of opinions about what principle of grain cleaning is the most suitable for cylindrical sieve (horizontal drums), which the separators “LUCH ZSO” belongs to, or for  flat sieveshas led our company to the need to develop and put on batch production the model line of flat-grating separators - Grain separator “GORIZONT-K”. Manufacture of grain separators “GORIZONT-K” along with separators “LUCH ZSO” allowed our company to master the entire line of grain cleaning equipment to meet the requirements of any customer tograin cleaning.

Issues of grain cleaning from hard-separable impurities and mineral admixtures are also solved by our company, as we release pneumatic separation tables of two models SPS 1.0 and SPS 3.5, as well as stone separators OMP-3,0 and OMP-6,0.