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Grain heaters PZ

Purpose and scope: Designed for heating the grain in the cold season. Suitable for high-quality grinding mills wheat.

Purpose and scope: Designed for heating the grain in the cold season. Suitable for high-quality grinding mills wheat.

Description: Heater (Fig. 1) consists of a receiving hopper (pos. 1), one or more heating sections (pos. 2) and exhaust devices (Poz.3). Heating section (Fig. 2) is a construction pit type with rectangular cross-section 1000h1000mm length 2000mm. The heating element is made of straight segments of pipe connected to the coil, welded joints which are located outside the mine. The body section is provided with manholes for access into and cover hides the joints heating pipes. The venting device includes the design of the final crater excluding education section of the heating of stagnant zones, as well as the gateway feeder drive. All external heating elements heater insulated. As the coolant is water, which is heated in a boiler of any type and served through the heating element in a closed circuit. A heating section is designed for productivity of 1500 kg / h. If necessary, increase the productivity of the required number of sections set consistently, making them vertically with the help of flanged connections.

Grain, subject to heat, fed into a hopper and gravity in the connected mode passes through the heating section, washing tube heating element. As a result of contact with the hot surface of the grain is heated. Production of grain from the apparatus and carried out through the exhaust funnel and gateway feeder valve. To automatically adjust the grain filling heater provides level sensors associated with the control unit output airlock feeder. To control grain temperature heater is equipped with several electronic thermometers.

Fig.1 Heater grain PZ Fig.2 Heating section
Подогреватель зерна ПЗ Подогреватель зерна ПЗ
Model ПЗ-1,5 ПЗ-3,0 ПЗ-4,5 ПЗ-6,0
Productivity, kg/h when heated to 15 degrees 1000-1800 2000-3500 4500 6000
Installed power outlet device, KW 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1
Installed capacity of electric heater, kW 12 24 36 48
Weight, kg 1520 1722 1924 2126
Overall dimensions, mm





1. Increase in total flour yield by 3-5%;
2. Increase in high-grade flour yield by 10-15%;
3. Increase in flour whiteness by 5-6 units;
4. Large area heating elements;
5. Possibility of increasing the efficiency of thermal power;
6. Effective thermal insulation minimizes heat loss to the atmosphere;
7. Can be equipped with level sensors on request.