• «ОLIS» Company continues working on expanding the geography of sales of grain cleaning equipment of its own production.

     For implementation of the task this year, it was decided to participate in «AgriTek Astana 2018»International Specialized Agricultural Exhibition which took place on March 14th-16th in the city of Astana.

     "Kazakhstan’s grain processing business is developing very rapidly. Thanks to this, our company has implemented and continues to implement a number of projects for groat production; as well as actively supplies grain cleaning equipment for elevators and technological equipment for milling plants. Therefore, participation in the exhibition in Astana is strategically important for us", - said Commercial Director of "OLIS" Ltd. Vladimir Cheglatonev.

     This year, within the framework of "AgriTek Astana 2018", grain separator LUCH ZSO as well as technological solutions for flour and groat production, were presented among the exhibits of "OLIS" Ltd.
    Separator "LUCH" ZSO, due to the sieve drum included in the design, performs such operations as:

    • pre-cleaning,
    • primary and secondary grain cleaning,
    • grain sorting and calibrating.

     LUCH separator ensures high quality of cleaned grains with the lowest percentage of damaged seeds. The latter allows the efficient use of the separator for seed cleaning.

     "Participation in «AgriTek Astana 2018» Exhibition - apart from demonstrating our equipment - provides an opportunity of discussing cooperation issues with dealers at one site, as well as meeting and talking personally, both with customers and potential buyers of grain cleaning and processing equipment," noted V. Cheglatonev.

     The guests of «AgriTek Astana 2018» Exhibition, who visited the stand, were able to receive comprehensive advice on all the issues related to the grain separator "LUCH" ZSO and other equipment manufactured by «OLIS» Ltd.

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