Grain cleaning equipment for the largest elevator
of Astarta-Kiev Agroholding from OLIS company
  • At the beginning of July, Semenovskyy elevator of ‘Astarta-Kyiv’ Company began its operation in Poltava region. The grain cleaning equipment at the elevator had been supplied by ‘OLIS’ Company.

    It is the largest elevator of the agricultural holding with the capacity of simultaneous storage of 120 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds.

    ‘The following of our grain separators were installed at the facility: LUCH ZSO-200 grain separator with a production capacity of up to 200 t/h – for preliminary cleaning of grain crops; Horizont-K-300 flat-sieve separator with a production capacity of up to 120 t/h – for primary cleaning. The equipment was manufactured, installed and launched within the shortest time period’ – said Vladimir Cheglatonev, Commercial Director of ‘OLIS’ Company.

    It is emphasized that ‘Semenovskyy Elevator’ is the first elevator of the agricultural holding which can carry out seven operations simultaneously and independently from each other. For this:

    • there are three product acceptance lines where three Grain separators LUCH ZSO-200 are installed, with a production capacity of 150 t/h, each with the possibility of accepting three different types of crops;
    • two energy-saving grain dryers are installed, which can provide autonomous drying of two separate types of crops;
    • two shipping lines operate for cars and railway transport, where two Flat-Sieve separators Horizont-K-300 are installed with the possibility of simultaneous supply of 27 railcars;
    • to ensure transportation by rail to the elevator, about 1.5 km of railway tracks were laid, a diesel locomotive was purchased and a depot was built.

    ‘OLIS’ Company previously supplied equipment for several facilities of ‘Astarta-Kyiv’ Company.