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OLIS Cereal Flakes Plant in Turkey The company "OLIS" in 2020 has supplied a complete line for the production of cereal flakes for the Turkish company COOKERS. The installed line is versatile and can be used for the production of flakes from oats, wheat, buckwheat, barley and other crops.
Buckwheat processing plant in Kazakhstan for “Krupy Vostoka” LLP In October 2020, the company "OLIS" installed a modern plant for processing buckwheat into groats for LLP "Sey-Nar" (Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk).
grain separator LUCH ZSO-300 Two of the world's largest drum-type grain cleaning separators were installed at the Kernel TRANSGRAINTERMINAL LLC terminal in October of this year.
Mibeko LLP oat processing plant in Kazakhstan Installation and start-up of a plant for processing oats into groats with a capacity of 60 tons/day for grain with an output of 32 tons of flakes/day for the enterprise LLP "Mibeko".
ZAV Niva mobile grain-cleaning plant Present to your attention ZAV Niva mobile grain-cleaning plant, based on the ZSO LUCH grain separator.
Installation of OLIS equipment in Ternopil region The OLIS company deployed and commissioned the equipment for cleaning grain crops in the Ternopil Region
Separator LUCH ZSO-150 in the Volyn region Our service department launched the LUCH ZSO-150 Grain Separator.
Welcome the LUCH ZSO-300 grain separator We present the largest grain separator LUCH ZSO-300, developed by our company in 2019!
OLIS - 15 years! On April 8, 2020, our company celebrates its 15th anniversary.
Елеватор 2020 From 18 to 20 February, the international exhibition "Grain technologies 2020" will be held in Kiev. OLIPS LLC invites you to visit our stand.

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