Late Grain Crops. Soybean Cleaning.
  • Soybeans are a leguminous crops cultivated for feed, food and industrial purposes. Soybean crop acres, among other legumes, take the first place in the world. The following are beans, peanuts, chickpeas, peas. At this time period, soybeans are being harvested throughout Ukraine.

    Post-harvest processing of soybeans is the most complicated in the production of this type of oilseeds. Due to the high content of protein, fat and the fragility of the shell, soybeans quickly deteriorate under adverse conditions (the presence of organic impurities, high humidity). It is very important that beans are supplied for storage carefully cleaned from broken and crushed parts, from beans spoiled by pests, and trash, which gives additional moisture; as well as from castor oil seeds.

    OLIS’ Separators are used for soybean cleaning at different stages: Preliminary, primary, secondary cleaning. Adjustable cleaning modes make it possible to achieve good grain quality in one pass. Air cleaning provides gentle cleaning of soybeans, preventing damage to the beans, thereby providing the best material for storage at the output. For cleaning soybeans, the following machines are used:

    Depending on the model of OLIS separators, the cleaning capacity can be from 3-300 t/h, with 5-30 t/h calibration of seed grains.

    For issues related to grain cleaning, please call:

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