The company OLIS is one of the largest producers of grain cleaning equipment in Ukraine and always in the thick of events of elevator industry.

Just last week our team attended two large-scale field-specific events in different parts of Ukraine.

Thus, on January 25-26 the all-Ukraine workshop “Vlasnij elevator” (Proper grain elevator) was held in Lviv, where our equipment was introduced, as well as the presentation of our chief of Research and Development Center Mykola Muzyka. As a speaker he was talking about features of equipment choice for different types of grain cleaning which have to be considered.

Already on January 28 our team welcomed in our participants stands Grain Storage Forum «ELEVATOR-2022» SMART: DRYING in Kiev. This event received partnership support from the company OLIS, because grain cleaning till drying is a major factor and stage after post-harvest processing.

We’re excited to such start of 2022 year. The further it goes, the better it gets!