• ‘OLIS’ Company has commissioned a plant for oat processing in Dnipropetrovsk region. Such information was shared by Vladimir Cheglatonev, the Commercial Director of ‘OLIS’ LLC, in an exclusive commentary in the framework of ‘Grain Processing Forum-2019’.

    This plant has the capacity of 60 tons/day to process oats into groats, and 32 tons/day - for production of oat flakes. This line is multi-purpose and allows producing flakes not only from oats, but also from other cereal crops, such as buckwheat, wheat, barley, etc.

    ‘OLIS’ Company has completed the development of project documentation for the technical part of the groat-milling plant, the manufacture and supply of a set of production, transport and aspiration equipment, as well as the launch and commissioning. The entire project has been completed on a turnkey basis.

    ‘For the time being, oats are very promising crops, and as it is shown by analysts in Ukraine and in the world, there is a tendency to increase flake consumption. Therefore, this direction has a certain potential for further development. At the same time, processed products as a whole - and cereals in particular - are quite “long money,” it is investment in the future. Certainly, velocity of money when selling grains is much higher, so it is easier to cultivate grains and sell them as raw material. On the other hand, the enterprises that do not even have their own land are often engaged in processing. Moreover, they manage to work and develop, and sales markets are present ... So why do not holdings and large farms pay attention to the processing sector? This will provide them with much greater profit than from grain sales’ – summarized V. Cheglatonev.

    • Oat Processing Plant Equipment
    • Universal OLIS cereal production line
    • OLIS plant has the capacity to process oats into groats 60 tons/day