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Reconstruction of Mills

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Our company specialists while reconstructing mills of different productivity and design, as a rule, correct of misses and mistakes made at their creation, and also assimilate new highly effective technological fragments and machines. The specified actions are directed on meeting higher requirements for grain preparation and organization of such schemes and modes of grain milling which provide high exit of flour and guarantee its quality.

 Economic results analysis of aggregated mini-mills work, complete mills with productivity up to 100 t/day manufactured by foreign producers, and also mills with productivity up to 250 t/day created on basis of domestic industrial equipment, allows to confirm that the reconstruction and improvement carried out by our company provide these equipment sure profitability and competitiveness in flour market.

 We give an opportunity to interested owners, managers and experts to examine results of work of the mills reconstructed by our company independently.

As a rule, the payback period of investments made in reconstruction makes about three months.

We developed and now we produce in quantity and introduce "Installation for flour whiteness and exit increase and also for milling capacity growth” to optimize improvement of the aggregated domestically produced mini-mills of the most widespread models (MBC, P6-ABM, "Farmer", "Harkovchanka", etc.).

Installation represents baseline equipment and parts set that allows improving significantly mini-mills work. Besides, overall and connecting dimensions of installation accepted by our company and also ways of including into scheme of every mill allow carrying out its introduction with full adjustment of the mill within 2-3 days.

Mills with a productivity from 30 to 250 t/day hundreds of which work today in domestic flour milling, differ from each other not only by the country of origin or manufacturing firm, features of technological scheme, configuration, construction decisions, but also by design of even specific machines. Their considerable part demands serious improvement of performance indicators. It is absolutely clear that such mills can't be improved on one template. For each of them it is necessary "to make a diagnosis" correctly, and also to choose and to realize individually the most acceptable and effective ways of "treatment" from our arsenal of decisions. In this regard, concrete technical and commercial offers on reconstruction and improvement of the majority of mills are possible only after their survey or inspection by our experts.

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