Reconstruction of Winnowing Equipment


Works for grain processing complexes reconstructing include:

1) Technical and technologic state inspection.

2) Preparation and coordination with the customer full nomenclature of the individual technological line.

Usually while reconstructing the following works are performed:
- Disassembly of equipment;
-Passage height increase under bunkers for shipment of pure and feeding grain directly into a body of a heavy vehicle with overings (KAMAZ, MAZ, etc.); works are performed without disassembling GPC metal constructions, without sacrificing or even increasing capacity of shipping bunkers, without sacrificing grain barn-floor covering;
- Production and installation damp pit of increased capacity for heavy vehicle back and lateral unloading;
-Steel constructions and shipping tanker repair operations;
- Repair and replacement of separate units, aggregates or machines;

3) Preparation of budget for reconstruction, execution of contracts for equipment delivery and general construction and installation works fulfillment.