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Video about the participation of the company "OLIS" in exhibitions, forums, conferences. Our equipment.

Results of the Agro-2020 exhibition

Review about the work of aggregate universal grain work shop "OPTIMATIK K-15", aggregate for grain enrichment UOK-2, and also plans for the future of Kasatkin Evgen (ТОО "Verteks-Vostok")

Review about the work of grain separator "LUCH ZSO-200", by Korotun Vitaliy ("AGROCONTACT" LLC)

Pneumosorting table SPS-3,5 in work

OLIS at the exhibition "KazAgro-2016", Kazahstan

OLIS at the conference for soybean processing, Rumunia

OLIS at "AGRO-2016", Kiev, Ukraine

OLIS at "INTERAGRO-2016 (Kiev)

Pneumosorting table SPS

Field's day "VILIYA-2016", Lutsk, Ukraine

АgroFest NN 2016, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Review of the grain cleaning separator "LUCH ZSO" made by "OLIS"

Universal grain workshop "OPTIMATIK K" by "OLIS"

Grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO by "OLIS"

Mill of grade flour milling of wheat with the capacity of 30 t|day

Grain cleaning aggregate ZAV-25 by "OLIS"

Aggregate for grain enrichment UOK-1 and UOK-2 by "OLIS"