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Grain cleaning aggregate ZAV-"NIVA-25"

"OLIS" Ltd. offers grain cleaning aggregates ЗАВ-"НИВА-25", based on the grain separator "ЛУЧ ЗСО-40" (ЗАВ complex according to type of "ЗАВ-20").
     ЗАВ-"Niva"-25 is used for post-harvest wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, oats, peas, corn, millet, soybean, canola and sunflower processing. Processing includes grain receiving and cleaning, with the following trucks shipment.

As shown by of the Ukraine and the CIS grain cleaning quality analysis currently about 90% of grain cleaning facilities were put into service in 1970-1980s and the separators used on them have become obsolete by any technological definition.

Modern age separators are grain cleaning machines with fundamentally different from the previous ЗАВ generation purification principle. Separators, which include LUCH ЗСО "OLIS" LLC are high-power new generation ЗАВ, built with a new technological scheme in accordance with modern design and construction requirements and standards (snow and wind loads).

LLC "OLIS" offers grain cleaning units ЗАВ - "Niva" -25 on the grain separator LUCH ЗСО -40 basis (ЗАВ complex SAB ЗАВ -20 type).

ЗАВ - "Niva" -25 is used for post-harvest wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, oats, peas, corn, millet, soybean, canola and sunflower processing. Treatment includes grain receiving and cleaning, followed by commercial vehicles shipment.

ЗАВ - "Niva" -25  composition

1. Receiving section.
The section consists of:

- Receptor - dump pit for side and rear vehicles unloading made in the shape of deepen welded steelwork, additional hovel with a roof construction possible;

- The chain and buckets, with the productivity of 25 t/h, complete with speed, level, tape and backwater sensors and an explosion relieve installed inside of ЗАВ with an individual service space.

2. Grain cleaning section.

The main technological line equipment - the preparatory, primary and seed cleaning machines LUCH ЗСО -40. The preparatory cleaning regime removes large straw and incidental impurities caught in the grain during the harvest or transportation. In the primary cleaning machine the grain is cleaned of impurities that have different width, thickness and aerodynamic properties. In the seed cleaning regime LUCH ЗСО designed to pick out different sized seeds.

Additionally, the section can be equipped with the grain separator or vibrating pneumotable.

3. Air purification section.
The air purification section has an aspiration system, which serves the preparatory and primary grain cleaning machines, and transportation equipment. Aspiration network includes dusting equipment cyclones-presipitators 4БЦШ, medium pressure ventilator and aspiration air channels. The air purified with the system is discharged into the atmosphere. Impurities are deposited in the bin for small waste.

4. Transport shipping department.
After the grain is cleaned in the grain separator it drifts to the shipping department, the buffer tanks with gate valves operating in manual mode.

Electrical part includes the control panel with frequency converter, cables, ladders and the lighting system. The control board also includes the start equipment and the motor protection. Frequency converter is used to control the number of the sieve separator LUCH ЗСО -40 drum rotations, depending on the cleaning mode, type of grain, its humidity and impurity content.

ЗАВ -"Niva" operates in manual or automatic modes, there are sound and light equipment alarms, level limit in the grain bins, a warning signal before the equipment start. After turning the aspiration system on there is a necessary delay in aspiration equipment start and after turning it off a respective delay in aspiration system shut off. All bins are equipped with level limit sensors.

  Capacity, t/h Grain entry parameters 
Preparatory cleaning 25 Foreign impurities up to 20%,
humidity up to 35%
Primary cleaning 25 Foreign impurities up to 10%,
humidity up to 18%
Grain (secondary) cleaning
assorting, standardization 
5  Humidity up to 12-15 %

1. ЗАВ - "Niva" has a rational design rational for the operation and meets all the modern design and construction requirements and standards;
2. Complementary equipment produced by LLC "OLIS";
3. Flow chart gives ample opportunities for grain processing (various degrees of cleaning and calibration);
4. Aspiration system increases operational safety and ensures high hygienic staff conditions;
5. Control, protection and alarm systems allow minimize the number of staff, increase security, eliminate possible emergencies;
6. Can be equipped with various support equipment to enhance the machine performance;
7. The project foresees a gradual dryers, seed separators and vibrating pneumotables installation, long-term storage and grain weighing departments, a laboratory for ЗАВ - "Niva" grain quality control.