Przedmioty - Filmy



Review of the work of  
the grain workshop "LUCH ZSO-20
by Korotun Vitaliy ("AGROCONTACT"


Review of the work of the aggregate
 universal grain workshop "OPTIMATIK K-15" 
by Kasatkin Vitaliy (TOO "VERTEKS-VOSTOK")  


 Pneumosorting table SPS-3,5




Mill of grade flour milling of wheat 
with the capacity of 30 t|day 


Review of the grain cleaning separator
"LUCH ZSO" made by "OLIS"


Universal grain workshop "OPTIMATIK K" 
by "OLIS"






Pneumosorting table SPS
by "OLIS" 


Grain cleaning aggregate ZAV-25
by "OLIS"  

   Aggregate for grain enrichment UOK-1 and UOK-2
by "OLIS"